The millennial generation is the first to grow up using social media and the internet. Their social lives are geared around connection and community, and Gen Z is much the same in terms of wanting to connect with other people rather than live in isolation. There’s a lot of debate about where the millennial versus Gen Z cutoff is; if we assume that 1997 is the millennial cutoff, then there are some Gen Z people already in their early twenties.

Millennials are likely to want to engage in opportunities that connect them more fully to their communities. This is especially true when the communities in question reflect their own beliefs and values. For this reason, millennials tend to have a particular interest in live entertainment and shows like concerts, travel shows, or trade shows.

Studies have shown that about 78% of millennials prefer experiences to material belongings; they’re more likely to spend money on an experience than an object. 55% of millennials state that they spend more on live events today than they have in the past. 82% of millennials say that they’ve gone to at least one live show within the last year and that they plan to continue spending money on these events in the future.

Much of the millennial interest in live shows can be attributed to social media websites and the internet. These are the three main ways that these mediums draw millennials in:

  1. Registration is easy
  2. People from the millennial and Gen Z generations are used to things being easy, thanks to wireless internet. Gone are the days of paper sign-up sheets and long phone calls. Almost all communication can be easily managed through email, social networking, and other forms of wireless internet outreach. Event internet also makes it easy to register for events.

    Millennials prefer registration processes to be streamlined and simple. It’s common for millennials to become frustrated and give up if they need to go through a number of different registration screens, or they have to deal with slowly loading screens. The faster and easier it is to sign up, the more likely it is that a millennial will attend.

    Buying tickets in today’s modern world is exceedingly simple. A person’s friend might send them a link to a concert or other event they’re attending. Alternatively, that friend might share information about the event on their Facebook or Twitter page. Most registration platforms for events are based around an e-commerce setup, which means that only one or two pages of information are necessary for a ticket purchase.

  1. Millennials don’t want to miss important events
  2. Oftentimes, if an event is publicized over social media websites, millennials will see their peers signing up to attend. When they see this, they get worried about missing out on a formative life experience. They know that other people are interested in this experience, and therefore that it might be unforgettable and fulfilling.

    This is an unusual form of social pressure that has grown more and more pronounced over the past few years. Companies of all kinds are invested in promoting their products or services across their social media pages. A band might have sponsored ads on Twitter or Facebook to link fans to information about their concerts and tours. When millennials are constantly subject to this information, the pressure to join in increases. They might not be sure whether the artist will ever tour in their area again, and they don’t want to miss a potentially unforgettable experience.

    Millennials also tend to be strongly invested in social responsibility. When they see that their peers are supporting and registering for an event because the proceeds support a cause, they have a much greater draw to that event. The average millennial wants to be involved in social causes and support their community.

  1. Participation can be recorded for social media
  2. The millennial generation is more connected than any previous generation has been. As such, they love to share information about their lives. They share information about their personal lives and doings on their social media, they share recommendations for media to consume, and they share reviews of experiences they’ve had. Millennials want their social media followers to be aware of what they’re doing, what they feel, and what milestones they’re hitting. To a millennial, the idea of going to an event that they can document is important.

    Millennials want other people to be aware that they were part of the event, that they had a hand in participating, and that they had a great time. The days of disposable cameras and agonizing wait times for photos are gone. Almost every phone nowadays comes equipped with a camera option. It’s easy for millennials to take photos and videos of their day-to-day lives, and similarly easy to upload these across multiple social media sites.

    It’s important for millennials to become involved in different things. They want to be part of a greater journey. They want their experiences to be documented and shared with other people. Furthermore, they want to participate in things that matter on a grander scale. Social media and the internet are the two biggest ways that millennials support these goals.

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