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When you say portable WiFi what does that mean exactly?
Portable WiFi is our way to get you online whenever and wherever you need it. We use mobile connectivity to allow you to access the internet for movie shoots, events, brand activations, indoor and outdoor marketing initiatives, etc.
I’m a producer for a big movie that’s shooting in town. What’s the best internet solution for me?
The first step is to contact Big Internet. We’ll explain our packages and help you determine which temporary WiFi solution will work best for your needs.
What is your pricing like?
We know our pricing is reasonable!! so connect with us directly and let us build the right package for you!
What areas do you service?
We provide service in Canada. Yes, it’s a big country, but we offer proven connectivity from coast to coast.
What are analytics and do I need them?
Analytics give you insight into who is using your product and services allowing you to better tailor your marketing initiatives to current and future customers. With analytics from Big Internet, you can use the information to create a consumer database and generate leads.
How will portable internet help my next event, outdoor marketing activation or tradeshow?
Portable internet drives brand engagement, supports live streaming, generates social media interactions, can be used for games and pretty much anything else you would need from an online connection. One of the great things about portable internet solutions is they allow you to engage with your audience in real time. When people can connect with you, they’ll be more likely to remember what your brand is and tell their friends about it.
You say you take care of everything. What does that mean exactly?
From set up to disconnecting your WiFi, we’ll ensure that you get online and stay online until you tell us you’re done.

Basic Net Packages
Reliable cellular-based mobile internet and WiFi

Perfect for:

  • Event Staffing
  • Film and Production Shoots
  • Executive Retreats
Starting at $499
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Enhanced Net Packages
Advanced, high-performance WiFi using cellular-based mobile internet

Perfect for:

  • Marketing Activations
  • Free WiFi Connectivity
  • Corporate Events
Starting at $499
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Premium Net Packages
Enhanced package + custom WiFi marketing and audience analytics

Perfect for:

  • Popup Lounges
  • Audience Engagement
  • WiFi marketing Events
Starting at $499
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If your question wasn’t covered above or you would like more information about our WiFi solutions, please call us today at 416-302-1808 or contact us here.


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" As our pop up WiFi partner, Big Internet has provided our clients with great service. They were incredibly timely with troubleshooting if and when needed. The team was always there for us whenever we needed them, overall superb service, I would highly recommend working with Big Internet! "

- Zdenko Jagric, IT Project Specialist, Colliers International Canada
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